Cakır Global, established in Turkey and operating globally, has become one of the leading and innovative companies in its field, focusing on foreign trade consultancy, research of demanded products, manufacturer and supplier identification and customs clearance. Since 1980, with nearly 50 years of experience and know-how, it aims to open new horizons and develop trade opportunities for its customers in domestic and foreign markets. With its Istanbul and Shanghai offices, it provides full service and consultancy services on-site, always close to you. It is taking firm steps towards its goal of becoming a global player in its field.


We are a foreign trade company providing services in procurement process, Foreign Trade consultancy and Purchasing. Our specialties include product sourcing in automotive spare parts, food and construction. Our team consists of a group of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of industry trends, product types and production standards. We have an extensive network of suppliers worldwide that helps you find quality suppliers who can provide the best products at an affordable price.

We help our customers save money by offering the best routes and providing the best pick-up and delivery service. We offer importers professional experience in analyzing, reviewing and evaluating the best routes to ensure the best pick-up and delivery and clear solutions for purchasing.


Combining 43 years of experience in various sectors with a professional work team, our company opens its almost half a century of experience to the foreign market.

As an outward-oriented company aiming for continuous development, Cakır GLOBAL follows all developments related to the sectors both at home and abroad, and easily adapts to the innovations brought by technology.

While we are proud to bring the employment we have created in the country to the global dimension with our foreign offices, we aim to have a say in the markets where we are present.

Cakır Global strives more and more every day to respond to the needs of its customers and to satisfy them more with its prioritized service understanding, high supply portfolio and world connections.

Attaching importance to institutionalization, sustainable growth and innovation, Cakır Group continues to grow and constantly improve itself with its pioneering and innovative approach in the sectors it serves. Working with all its strength to be beneficial to our country and society, it continues to produce and make a difference with the excitement of the first day for 20 years.

Cakır Global is specialized in exporting all kinds of goods and products from Turkey to all parts of the world as a foreign trade company for this purpose, whether the goods are its own production, produced for itself or other ready-made goods, our company aims to produce quality, reliable services that prioritize customer satisfaction with its high professionalism and reliability.

It is becoming difficult to keep up with the speed of the globalizing and changing world day by day. We are trying to keep up with the technological developments in our lives as well as the rapid change in social media. This great change causes progress in many sectors, business world, economy-finance world and scientific studies. To catch up with this changing world, we need to be much faster, more flexible, creative and transparent than before.

For this reason, we are constantly striving to keep our organization up-to-date.

Companies that follow and observe the changing dynamics of the market have to keep up with digitalization in order to develop many forward-looking ideas and studies.

For this reason, we are constantly developing our company and ourselves as part of this pioneering, innovative mission. We will continue to serve both our country and the world we live in by being a modern, fluent, aware of the needs of the age and producing solutions in this regard.C

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