We are an innovative, pioneering and always open to new ideas. We offer a professional approach to our customers’ needs, but most importantly we are driven by our customers’ satisfaction. As Cakır Global, we strive to provide our customers with high quality products and services.

Our professional team consists of a team of experts in the field of international trade, dedicated to providing excellent service and attention to detail in our product research.

We search the world to bring you the best possible deals. We negotiate and strategize with manufacturers to bring you every deal.

Adhering to the agreement, we sign a purchase contract with the manufacturer and bring the contract into compliance with the necessary conditions.

We carry out quality control of the manufactured products during and at the end of production. With the production process that we keep under control at all stages of production, we guarantee that a quality product reaches you.

Automotive Spare Parts Sector

We analyze the best routes to ensure the most efficient possible purchase and delivery of products in the automotive spare parts group. This allows you to save on transportation costs and shorten delivery times, giving you more confidence that the products you request will reach you in perfect condition.

Construction Industry

We understand our customers' needs and offer the right products in the right markets. We try to be accessible not only by phone and e-mail, but also through our offices in Istanbul and Shanghai. In construction, we bring the right products to the right customers.

Food Sector

We provide quality and privileged service in international standards in a wide range of products, packaging, supply, producer research in the food field. We provide 100% customer satisfaction. Are you looking for a business partner you can work with on your own? Cakır Global Foreign Trade Company offers quality products, sales and foreign trade services under one roof. We develop sustainable relationships with our customers and businesses by meeting their goals professionally.


Firmamız her türlü mal ve ürünün dünyanın her yerine ithalatı ve ihracatı konusunda uzmanlaşmıştır. İthalat, ihracat ve tedarik için güçlü bir garantimiz var. Ayrıca İstanbul ve Şangay’da kendi ofislerimizde faaliyetteyiz. İletişim ağımız rakiplerimizden çok daha geniş, daha fazla seçenek ve küresel pazarlarla daha iyi entegrasyon sunuyoruz. Fiyatlarımız piyasadaki en rekabetçi konumda. Biz Çakır Global Dış Ticaret Şirketiyiz ve ana amacımız dünyadaki tüm limanlara her türlü mal ve ürünün en iyi teslim alma ve teslimatını sağlamak, en iyi rotaları belirlemektir. Müşterilerimize daha iyi hizmet sunmamızı sağlayan geniş bir ağa sahibiz. Otomotiv yedek parça, gıda ve inşaat gibi çeşitli sektörlerde birçok şirketle çalışma deneyimine sahibiz. Firmamız geniş bir ürün yelpazesinin ihracatı, ithalatı konusunda uzmanlaşmıştır. Çakır Global Dış Ticaret Şirketi, sürekli hizmete inanan bir şirkettir. Müşterilerimize yüksek kalitede ürün sağlıyor ve siparişlerini koruyarak zamanında teslim edilmesini sağlıyoruz. Müşterilerimize yüksek kalitede hizmet sunuyoruz. Yük taşımacılığı sorunları için en iyi çözümü bulmalarına yardımcı oluyor ve her gönderinin profesyonel ve etkili bir şekilde ele alındığından emin oluyoruz. Mallarınızın tedariki, gümrükten çekilmesi, ithalatı ve teslimatında işinizin aksamaması için tüm düzenlemelere uyulmasını sağlarız

Ürünleri aramak ve en iyi kaynaklarla sözleşme yapmak


Nakliye şirketlerinden en iyi teklifleri alarak nakliye sürecini güvence altına alır.

Gümrük İşlemleri

Çakır Global’in uzman ekibi ile Türkiye'de gümrükleme hizmetleri vermekteyiz.


Our company specializes in importing and exporting all kinds of goods and products to all over the world. We have a strong guarantee for import, export and supply. We also operate from our own offices in Istanbul and Shanghai. Our network is much wider than our competitors, we offer more choice and better integration with global markets. Our prices are the most competitive in the market. We are Cakir Global Foreign Trade Company and our main goal is to provide the best pick-up and delivery of all kinds of goods and products to all ports in the world, to determine the best routes. We have a wide network that allows us to provide better service to our customers. We have experience working with many companies in various industries such as automotive spare parts, food and construction. Our company specializes in the export, import of a wide range of products. Cakir Global Foreign Trade Company is a company that believes in continuous service. We provide our customers with high quality products and protect their orders, ensuring that they are delivered on time. We provide high quality service to our customers. We help them find the best solution for their freight transportation problems and make sure that each shipment is handled in a professional and efficient manner. We ensure that all regulations are complied with in the procurement, customs clearance, import and delivery of your goods so that your business is not disrupted

Import Export Processes:

Detailed information and price research on the product you have requested, manufacturer and supplier determination are made by considering your needs and benefits.

Foreign Trade Consultancy:

We open new markets and become a solution partner for companies that want to grow in a globalized world with procurement process management to provide the best pick-up and delivery experience.

Procurement and Customs Clearance:

Loading and procurement, customs clearance and management of customs processes are coordinated with our expert teams to ensure the best pick-up and delivery experience.

What services do we provide ?

Providing the best offers (shipping and delivery, loading and unloading, transportation and payment)

Cakir Global secures the transportation process by getting the best offers from shipping companies by taking the following measures: Reviewing the best routes for the importer to ensure the best pickup and delivery.

Tracking the shipment through the company’s tracking app to ensure secure access to the importer.

Product Research
Providing products at the most competitive prices.

The importer’s journey with Cakir Global starts with a series of easy procedures where we provide the necessary support in exporting Turkish goods, identifying the best suppliers and manufacturers and selecting the best sources in Turkey. The first step is managed by the following procedures:

Accurate understanding of the importer’s request by the specialized team according to the products needed and filling out the order form for the goods. Accurately reviewing the client’s request and asking for clarification of all details. Determining the most suitable sourc

We serve you in all stages of your existing market and in your search for new products. We deliver to the right channels and ensure you get effective results.

Control of the receipt of products and goods and their compliance with the terms and conditions

Çakır Global is meticulous in the execution of its work to ensure the rights of the importer and performs checks and inspections on specifications and quantities as requested.

Periodic visits to follow the production process and ensure compliance with specifications.

Matching quantities upon receipt and checking the quality of the packaging.